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CREAF is a 25 year public research institution, focused on terrestrial ecology. CREAF’s main objective is to generate knowledge and create new methodological tools in the field of terrestrial ecology, with special emphasis on forest ecology, in order to improve environmental planning and management in rural and urban areas. A research line on Water and Global Change was created in 2008.

In MEDACC, CREAF will coordinate the project technically, with a special focus on climate change vulnerability assessments in selected watersheds, the compilation of adaptive measures already applied, the definition of new adaptation measures and the implementation of forest pilot actions.


Javier Retana

PhD in Biology. He is Ecology Professor and researcher at CREAF. Since 2005, he is the director of CREAF Email

Eduard Pla

Environmental scientist, PhD in Ecology and CREAF researcher. Email

Diana Pascual

Forest engineer and CREAF researcher. Email

Anabel Sánchez

Biologist and CREAF researcher Email