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Fire prevention in the Pyrenees

Muga, Ter and Segre

The Government has validated the border agreement between the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, the FORESPIR organism, GEIE, the Météo-France agency, the ONF agency, the Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia and the Ecole de Ingenieur Purpan Association, under the Pirios project "Preventing the risk of forest fires in the Pyrenees" candidate for a European grant.

This agreement establishes a framework of cooperation through a European project to enhance risk prevention of forest fires in the Pyrenees. The strategic objective is to allow the Pyrenean territories to be more effective against the risk of forest fires, encouraging forest management, particularly fuel management, which constitute a fundamental basis for fire prevention.

This project is divided into 4 blocks of work. A first block will try to review the hazard indices used in the Pyrenees, the second block will try to make a fire cartography. This cartography will incorporate specific elements for the case of the Pyrenees. A third block will analyze a preventive management of the Pyrenees. And finally a fourth block deal with the dissemination of the project.

The Government has considered appropriate to present the Pirios project to be granted by the EU.